What does it take to move into a new commercial property investment? In all honesty, a whole lot! It’s not easy and one should not come into a state of denial here. If moving a home is already a lot of work, try to imagine how much more it would be for an entire organization. It certainly wouldn’t be a piece of cake. Not even two! To help you with the transition, here is a checklist from www.singerviellesales.com to guide you along.

  1. BUDGET – Have your financial resources prepared because moving will entail costs and expenses. You will have to pay not only for the new space but also to get your equipment and your business from one point to the other.
  2. PLANNING – Be sure that you’ve got a plan prepared. Moving a business has to be taken cautiously because it can affect operations thus sales and profitability too. Careful planning and adequate preparation are needed at least a year ahead.
  3. ANNOUNCEMENT – You need to communicate the said move to every single member of your organizations as they will not only be affected by it but they too shall take part in it. The same must also be done for suppliers, creditors and customers. You need to get them informed so they won’t get the wrong ideas.
  4. TIMEFRAME – Since it affects operations, it must be timed well so as not to create any unwanted disruptions. It must also be done in as fast as possible because a company on the move is business on hold.
  5. BACKUP – Safely and securely store all of your important documents, digital in format or physical. Back them up to avoid any headaches in the event of mishaps and accidents.
  6. commercial-property-investmentMOVERS – Find trusted professional office movers. You cannot do everything on your own and you cannot expect employees to leave their main roles to pack boxes and haul equipment to trucks.
  7. TRANSPORTATION – Determine how much, which types and how many rounds will be required to move everything from the first point to the next.
  8. PARKING – Ensure that a parking space for your trucks and transport vehicles are present at the new place.
  9. UTILITIES – Have your utilities like electricity and water up and running at the new commercial area. This has to be done before you move in.
  10. STORAGE – Lastly, see to it that there is enough storage space in your new commercial property investment or rent a warehouse where you’ll stock your stuff. Surely, you cannot finish unpacking them all in one day.