residential real estateWhen it comes to your residential property investment, it is wise to devise means in which any changes, repairs and improvements will contribute to the value of the asset thereby increasing its overall worth. You never really know if moving becomes an option later on in life and selling it becomes a necessity. Plus, wouldn’t you want your investment to grow and appreciate? Even if you use it for yourself, adding to its value makes a great recoup and will look great on your net worth and creditworthiness which can come into play in terms of loan applications and business endeavors.

But before you do that it is best to call in the pros like You cannot simply whip up your concoction of ideas without the right expertise. What may seem like a really great project can turn out to be too expensive and in terms of investments, unwise. At the same time some renovations may not coincide with the structural integrity of the property. Be sure that you call a meeting with the right experts to discuss your plans and to hear their advice. Now, what improvements will add value to your residential property investment? We’ve got four for you to peruse.

  1. Put your money in the kitchen. This room is considered the heart of every home and so most buyers really put in a lot of consideration to it. The kitchen can make or break the value of any residential asset. The key here is to ensure that the place is clean and all fixtures are working. You may want to upgrade your cabinets and drawers to make them look consistent and organized. You can achieve this either by putting a new cabinet system or if budget does not permit, have it refinished instead.
  2. Revamp the bathroom. This comes next in the priorities of home buyers. There are simple cost efficient ways to upgrade your bath. A fresh coat of paint and a new toilet seat always does the trick. Replace old, worn out and damaged fixtures too. Re-grout your tiles and replace chipped ones.
  3. Make it energy efficient. Some homes are structured to need more air-conditioning, light and utilities compared to others. To cut down on such costs, consider opening up using windows. Invest in the ones that allow fresh air and light to come in.
  4. Plant some trees, shrubs and flowers. Mow your lawn and keep it clean. It makes the residential property investment look and feel more natural, comfortable and homey. Plus, they are aesthetically pleasing.

When investing your hard earned money into properties, one has to take the necessary measures to ensure that you make the right decisions as you seek to profit from your ventures or even simply make sure that your purchase was worth its cost. To help us achieve just that, we’ve got a list of factors to consider in property investments as mentioned by the leading real estate agency professionals in town. Gather your pen and paper and start taking notes.

THE PURPOSE – Why are you buying a property in the first place? Is it for personal use as with residential assets? Is it for commercial and industrial use for your business? Or maybe you want to have them leased of and gain profits? Whatever it is do know your purpose because it will affect the other factors from here on.

property investment agencyTHE BUDGET – Determine how much you can afford as well as your mode of financing the acquisition. There are many ways out there, loans and mortgages being two of the many. Every alternative has its own pros and cons so you have to weigh those against your case.

THE LOCATION – Properties are valued based on several factors and a major one is location. When it is located in a growth area or one that is in close proximity to certain establishments like schools, transportation hubs, hospitals and malls, it is considered a prime asset and is therefore more valuable. It also has greater potential as to appreciation in market value.

THE ONGOING COSTS – When investing in fixed assets, buyers need to take note of repairs and maintenance costs. They may not seem too much of an expense at present but they will be felt over time. Also you don’t want to buy something that needs loads of repairs to function, do you?

THE MARKET – It is also imperative to know about the market’s demand for the property whether you’re the buyer or the seller. The higher the demand for a certain asset then the higher is its price. When demand is low the price either stagnates or gradually recedes.

THE LAND – Real estate agencies also remind investors about considering the quality of the land in the area. There are those that do well as parks and gardens and those that can cater to skyscrapers. If you are planning on building something on it then be sure to get to know it more.